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8 negotiating hacks that will help you bag a bargain on your next car

calendar Published on: Friday, 29th June 2018 | female icon Author: Rebecca Taylor

Letís face it - buying a car, whether itís brand new or second hand, can cost you a pretty penny. Shopping for a new motor can be a time consuming and sometimes stressful experience without thinking about how much youíre going to need to fork out for it. So, if youíre keen to bag a bargain on your next car, why not try your hand at negotiating?

If youíre new to the idea of negotiating for a car, donít worry. In this blog, we have eight hacks that should help you to secure a sweet deal on your next ride. Before you sign on the dotted line, you might want to try the following...

1. Browse the market

Before you even set foot into a showroom or approach a seller, do your research. Itís a good idea to browse the market, looking for vehicles online and around different dealers for special offers on the car youíre interested in. You might find that this means you donít need to negotiate at all, but the chances are itíll help prepare you for when you do. If you tell the seller or salesperson at the showroom that youíve found the car you want cheaper elsewhere, they may be willing to match the price in order to secure a sale.

2. Get clued up

You shouldnít try your hand at negotiating unless youíre clued up first, especially when youíre looking to purchase a car. If youíre looking to bag a bargain, itís important that you have a good level of knowledge about the vehicle youíve got your eye on.

For example, itís worth becoming familiar with the different features of the car, as well as what add-ons are available. You might also want to see if there are any similar models available on the market. This could help you to make comparisons when youíre trying to strike a bargain, and itíll mean you come across like you know exactly what youíre talking about. The more knowledge you have, the more confident youíll feel and the easier you will find it to negotiate with the seller.

3. Don't be afraid to haggle

The thought of trying to haggle down the price of a vehicle might seem daunting, especially if youíve not done anything like it before. However, if youíre hoping to secure your new car for a good price, you canít afford to hold back. Whether your efforts mean you get just £50 off the asking price or a significantly larger sum, itís definitely worth giving it a go.

4. Try to score some freebies

If youíre purchasing your car directly from a showroom and youíre not successful in getting money off the vehicle you want, thereís no reason why you canít try to score a few freebies instead.

For example, you could ask the salesperson about the possibility of getting an extended warranty at no extra cost, or you could see if you can secure a free servicing package on your new vehicle. Although you might not be getting the actual car any cheaper, this could be a good way to justify the price, and you never know what perks the seller may be willing to throw in if it means they get to make a sale that day.

5. Don't believe everything you hear

If the seller says thereís nothing they can do for you, donít be fooled into believing everything you hear. Even if they are claiming that offering a discount is impossible, itís important that you donít give up. Be persistent in asking them to lower the price. Even if you have to repeat yourself two, three or even four times, you never know what you might eventually get out of it.

6. If you're part-exchanging your current car, get it valued first

If youíre considering part-exchanging your car for a new model, itís a good idea to get it valued to find out how much itís worth before you start haggling with the seller. If you manage to get as much as you can for your current vehicle, it means you wonít need to barter as much on the rest of the deal. You can get a quick valuation of your car online.

7. Be prepared to walk away

If you donít feel like youíre getting what you want, donít be afraid to walk away. Itís important to remember that car salespeople are experts at negotiating and have a wealth of experience, and if theyíre not backing down to your bargaining, it could be that theyíre simply waiting for you to crack and settle on a higher price. So, if you find that youíre not scoring the bargain you hoped for, be prepared to bow out and accept that you might not get the deal you hoped for. Youíll then be able to continue your search elsewhere.

8. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly

Whether youíre visiting a private seller or youíre looking at a car on a forecourt, itís crucial that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly. If you notice any flaws or faults, this could give you the ideal opportunity to negotiate the price of the car down. From scratches on the paintwork, to chips in the windscreen, to tatty seat covers, if you spot anything, no matter how small it is, you could argue your case and see if you can come to an agreement with the seller to bring the price down.

Thereís no denying that buying a car can take its toll on your bank account. If youíre keen to save money on your next vehicle purchase, itís definitely worth taking note of these negotiating hacks and putting them into practice.


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