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Are you prepared when navigating the UKs most popular road trips?

calendar Published on: Monday, 9th April 2018 | male icon Author: Kevin Thorpe

Making sure youve got all of the essentials covered when packing for a road trip is equally as important as when youre jetting off on an exotic holiday or sailing the seas on an aquatic adventure. You need to remember to load your car up with things like a mobile phone charger, some extra clothing layers, a map and a First Aid kit but what many people tend to overlook are the wheels that will be carrying you from A to B to C. 

Ensuring your car is equipped with the right types of tyres for the route youve got mapped out is an extremely important part of any road trip plan. Variable factors such as terrain and weather conditions will impact the control and performance of any vehicle so having a trained expert fit appropriate tyres before setting off where necessary is highly recommended. Remembering to do so might be a much simpler task for super organised people but more free-spirited characters might have their minds preoccupied with other things such as the fantastic photo opportunities on route. 

In a recent survey, we discovered that 39% of people would describe themselves as organised, which might explain why 80% meticulously plan their journeys beforehand. In fact, more than half (52%) said that they already consider whether or not they have suitable tyres fitted in extreme weather conditions. However for the 28% of free-spirited and creative respondents who might not be so organised by nature, weve put together a brand new infographic exploring some of the UKs best road trips and the best tyres for the job.

In the infographic weve covered six popular drives and shared our advice on the most suitable tyres for navigating the route. For example, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a movie buff, you can travel from Glencoe to Fort William to see where the likes of Harry Potter and James Bond were filmed - just dont forget your All Season tyres because youll likely come across both wet and dry road conditions. Alternatively, the Peak District offers plenty of fun and education for all the family but you might need some Reinforced Tyres to carry a heavier load along the famous 60 mile route.

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