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We’ve launched our guide on tyre safety and how to #TestYourTreads

calendar Published on: Monday, 16th October 2017 | male icon Author: Kevin Thorpe

When you’re travelling from A to B, you’ve most likely got a million things on your mind from the shopping list that needs ticking off to the mountain of emails that need replying to as soon as get into work. What might not be right at the forefront of your mind is the condition of your vehicle tyres but as a driver, you have an important (and legal) obligation to make sure your wheels are in full working order. 

We understand you're busy so we’ve done all of thinking for you and put together our expert guide to tyre safety. All you need to do is give it a read and make sure you’re adhering to all of the advice on the list. For example, did you know that your car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm by law? If you’re not sure if your wheels are meeting the legal requirement, do you know the best way to test your treads? Have you ever run the 20p Tread Test?

If your answer is no to any of the above questions then our Tread Carefully infographic is for you. Covering everything from testing tread depth, measuring tyre pressure, identifying problematic tyres and replacing your wheels, we’ve got it all in one handy little guide. So whether you’re prepping for a long journey or just want to keep a close eye out for signs of daily wear and tear, we’ve got you covered. 

We launched our brand new infographic to help you ensure your tyres stay within the legal limits and in tip top condition all year round. If you want to share the infographic or if you have any tyre safety advice of your own, come and join the conversation on Twitter by tagging @tyreplustweets and using the hashtag #TestYourTreads.

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