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The world’s largest manufacturer of tyres, Bridgestone create superior tyre products without sacrificing ride comfort.

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As the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality tyres, Bridgestone create superior tyre products without sacrificing ride comfort. We stock a broad range of cheap Bridgestone tyres in a variety of sizes and models.

Bridgestone Turanza tyre

Turanza T001

Relax and enjoy the journey with the Turanza T001. Due to its optimised carcass shape, this tyre offers the perfect combination of safety, comfort and durability, meaning you can benefit from better handling, reduced noise and improved fuel efficiency for a smooth ride all year round.

With its advanced pattern, new top tread compound construction and wide water grooves, this tyre helps you to brake safely and confidently in wet conditions. It also has lateral and longitudinal stiffness shoulder blocks offering excellent handling when you’re behind the wheel.

The Turanza T001 uses Bridgestone’s unique and innovative NanoPro-Tech™ technology for improved rolling resistance balance. Due to its flat contact profile designed to reduce friction for better fuel economy, this tyre also has a 15% longer life expectancy.

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Ecopia EP150

Dubbed the energy-efficient urban tyre, the Ecopia EP150 allows you to respect the environment without compromising on safety or driving pleasure. Designed with NanoPro-Tech™ technology, this tyre offers controlled interaction between compound elements to conserve energy.

Due to its 3D cut connecting ribs and rib-linked centre block design, this lightweight tyre offers improved grip and better handling in wet and dry conditions, especially when dealing with corners. Its high angle lug grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning, while its compound construction decreases rolling resistance.

The Ecopia EP150 allows you to enjoy a much quieter ride too. Its convex block and Adaptive Contact Surface design promotes lower noise emissions offering you a comfortable, relaxing drive every time.

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Potenza S001

With its innovative construction and asymmetrical tread design, the Potenza S001 offers new levels of handling and performance. This tyre boasts impressive steering responsiveness and precision for a sports-like feel, providing stability when travelling at high speeds.

Bridgestone Potenza tyre

The Potenza S001 features stiff, high grip shoulder blocks, providing superior grip when braking and handling corners. Its wide groove design provides quick water dispersion in wet conditions, and its advanced lug groove construction reduces rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency.

The Potenza S001 offers a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride, and it is often the tyre of choice for a number of luxury sports car manufactures such as Aston Martin and Ferrari.

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Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres protect against all kinds of punctures and can be driven for 50 miles at up to 50mph. To find out more, check out this video.

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