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Having developed the first pneumatic tyre, Dunlop have been synonymous with quality tyres for over 125 years.

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Having developed the first pneumatic tyre, Dunlop have been synonymous with quality tyres for over 125 years. If you’re looking for cheap Dunlop tyres, we can help. At TyrePlus, we stock a wide variety of tyres in a selection of different sizes and specifications.

Dunlop Sport Blue Response tyre

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Using Dunlop’s unique Short Braking blocks, the Sport BluResponse keeps you safe when you’re behind the wheel. These blocks increase road contact under braking force, allowing you to come to a complete stop in confidence in both wet and dry conditions.

This tyre has an asymmetric tread design and uses a polymer compound, providing you with improved grip and handling. The large grooves in tread design are able to disperse water quickly, significantly reducing your chances of aquaplaning.

With its aerodynamic shape, the Dunlop Sport BluResponse reduces rolling resistance, enabling you to make significant savings on fuel. The tyre’s closed shoulder grooves can effectively reduce noise emission too, meaning you can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride every time.

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Dunlop Winter Sport 3d

The Dunlop WinterSport 3D has been designed to handle every element of winter, offering improved control and handling while you’re out on the roads. Even in unpredictable weather, you can rely on this tyre to provide you with superb driving performance.

Featuring three different sipes across its rubber surface, the Dunlop WinterSport 3D is able to deal with all types of winter weather. Its specially designed silica compound ensures the tyre remains flexible in freezing temperatures, while its tread grip and high performing brakes allow you to stop safely in ice and snow.

This tyre features Multi-Radius Tread Technology™ to help maintain its shape, providing you with a smooth, comfortable drive, especially when you’re travelling at high speeds.

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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx offers maximum handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions. When you drive, pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre’s surface, meaning that more of the rubber gains contact with the road, offering you a smooth ride regardless of the weather.

Dunlop SP Sport tyre

The tyre’s special tread design is able to disperse water from under its footprint, significantly reducing your chances of aquaplaning in heavy rain. Featurning dual silica compound construction, this tyre also provides you with improved performance, wear resistance and acceleration.

With its stable centre rib design, the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx provides precise steering and responsiveness. The tyre’s durable rubber compound is long wearing to increase mileage, while its tread pattern minimises noise for a quiet, enjoyable ride.

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The Sport BluResponse utilises a low-heat compound and an aerodynamic shape to reduce rolling resistance by as much as 30% compared to its predecessor. To find out more, check out this video.

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