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High performance tyres with an emphasis on quality, safety and reducing environmental impact.

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Pirelli designs and develops high performance tyres with an emphasis on quality, safety and reducing environmental impact. We offer a selection of cheap Pirelli tyres in an array of different sizes and specifications.

Pirelli P Zero tyre

Pirelli PZERO

Combining Pirelliís expert knowledge gained from competitive motorsport with 30 years of cutting edge research and development, the P Zero has been manufactured to perfection. This tyre is one of the highest performing and most powerful models on the market today.

With its asymmetric tread pattern, the tyre has been designed to encourage even wear, providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride every time. It has three wide grooves to minimise the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions, while its nano-composite compound construction ensures maximum stability and grip of the road surface.

Due to its customised tread compound solutions, the Pirelli P Zero offers improved rolling resistance, meaning you can benefit from lower fuel consumption while doing your bit for the environment.

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Pirelli Cinturato P7

The Cinturato P7 is the perfect blend of comfort and safety. Designed using premium materials and innovative tread pattern designs, this tyre is respectful of the environment without sacrificing your driving pleasure.

This tyre has a unique central block pattern to reduce the level of vibration, allowing you to tackle corners with precision and ease. The Pirelli Cinturato P7 also has four wide grooves in the tread for superb water removal in wet conditions to minimise your chances of aquaplaning.

This high performance tyre is ideal for mid-range to high power vehicles. Its impressive performance means itís often used by leading car manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

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Scorpion Verde All Season

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season has been designed specifically for crossover, SUV and 4x4 style vehicles. It provides long lasting tread as well as reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for a smooth, comfortable drive while respecting the environment.

Michelin Primacy 3 tyre

This all season tyre offers superb tread grip, meaning you can brake safely in all conditions. The tyreís lateral stability allows you to drive safely in wet weather, ensuring youíre in complete control at all times.

The Scorpion Verde All Season features enhanced pitch sequence and phasing to reduce internal noise so you can enjoy a quieter driving experience, while its modern structure means you can benefit from reduced rolling resistance and better fuel efficiency.

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Pirelli premium tyres have considerable benefits over budget varieties, from enhanced fuel efficiency to improved braking performance. To find out more, check out this video.

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