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Our top 5 frequently asked questions

What is TyrePlus?

TyrePlus brings together a range of high street tyre retailers from all over the UK to give our customers the cheapest tyre prices online. We have over 700 fitting locations across the UK and Northern Ireland and also provide a mobile fitting service for added convenience.

How does TyrePlus Work

Itís easy! Choose tyres to fit your vehicle from our extensive range of summer, winter, SUV, van and 4x4 tyres, then select one of our fitting partners near you and the date & time you would like to have your tyres fitted and thatís it! If you canít make it to one of our fitting partner locations you can even choose our hassle-free mobile fitting service where we will fit your tyres at home or work.

Why should I buy my tyres from TyrePlus?

Quite simply weíre cheaper than the high street. We aim to offer the cheapest most competitive tyre prices to our online customers which means thereís no need to drive around garages in your local area looking for a cheap quote. With over 700 fitting locations across the UK and Northern Ireland, you are guaranteed to find one of our fitting partners in your local area. We even offer mobile fitting in most parts of the country so you donít even have to leave the house.

Whatís included in my tyre purchase?

All our tyres include a new valve, wheel balancing and environmental tyre disposal. These are all included in the fully fitted prices you see on our website.

What does your environmental tyre disposal entail?

The disposal of tyres represents a serious environmental problem in that they release hazardous toxins into the air when incinerated and into the ground when left to decompose. For this reason, our fitting partners recycle every single tyre they change which are then repurposed for a range of uses including sports pitches and playground surfacing, roof tiles, carpet underlay and many, many more. All we ask is a small donation towards the recycling process which is included in our fully fitted prices.

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