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What are all terrain tyres?

If you donít want the hassle of having to change the tyres on your 4x4 between standard and off-road driving, all terrain tyres could be exactly what youíre looking for. At TyrePlus, we stock an impressive selection of these versatile tyres at great value prices.

All terrain tyres are designed to provide a balance between on-road tyres, which are suited for use almost solely on conventional roads and motorways, and off-road tyres, which provide the best handling and grip in extreme terrains. While off-road tyres are ideal on muddy, uneven surfaces and steep inclines, they are not well adapted for use on tarmac. They are much louder than on-road tyres in these conditions, they wear more quickly and they increase fuel consumption because they have a higher rolling resistance.

All terrain tyres combine the benefits of on-road and off-road designs, meaning you can use them on regular highways and in more challenging conditions. They have a tread pattern that means they cope better with hilly terrain and slippery conditions than regular on-road tyres, but they donít cause excessive fuel consumption and wear when you travel on the highways.

The tyres feature a larger tread pattern than on-road tyres and have an advanced shoulder design that helps to ensure both better grip and a smoother ride. They are also made with a harder tread compound than on-road tyres, helping to extend their lifespan.

There are a variety of all terrain patterns to choose from and some are geared more to off-roading than others. This means itís important that you choose a design that matches your driving habits.

What are the benefits of all terrain tyres?

The most obvious benefit of these products is the fact that they give you added flexibility when youíre behind the wheel. They allow you to travel comfortably and efficiently on the roads, whether youíre driving through town, along country lanes or down the motorway, and because they also offer good off-roading ability, they give you the freedom to stray off the beaten track. This means they could be ideal for you if you need to drive in a variety of terrains.

The additional traction they provide compared with on-road tyres gives you extra confidence that your vehicle will be able to cope with adverse conditions ranging from wet mud and loose gravel to snow and ice.

Why buy from TyrePlus?

At TyrePlus, we offer a selection of these all-round products at low prices. Put simply, weíre cheaper than the high street. You can take your pick from a selection of tyres from top manufacturers, ensuring you get the right designs for your vehicle. And thanks to our competitive prices, you wonít have to scour your local area in search of cheap quotes.

We pride ourselves on offering a convenient service to our customers too. With more than 700 fitting locations across the UK, you should be able to find a centre near to you. We also provide a mobile fitting service, so whether you want to have your all terrain tyres fitted at home, your place of work or another location, our experts will come to you.

How can I place an order?

Ordering these tyres from us is easy. Your first step is to choose tyres that fit your vehicle. You can do this by entering your vehicle number plate or the dimensions of tyres youíre after. We will then provide you with a full list of your options.

Once youíve decided which all terrain models you want for your vehicle, simply find your nearest fitting partner and select a date and time thatís convenient for you - or arrange for our technicians to visit you for a mobile tyre fitting. Our fitting service includes a new valve, wheel balancing and environmental tyre disposal, and all of this is included in our fully fitted prices. This means you can rest assured you wonít face any unexpected costs.

For added peace of mind, our all terrain tyres are covered by our Lifetime Mileage Guarantee, which protects against manufacturing defects throughout their legal life.

More information

To see our full range of all terrain tyres, simply browse our website. Youíll find products from all the top brands and you might be surprised by their low price tags. If you would like further information about these multipurpose, long-lasting tyres, donít hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. You can reach us by phone throughout the day and weíll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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