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What are summer tyres?

At TyrePlus, we appreciate how important it is for your car to perform to its best ability all year round. Thatís why we stock a wide selection of high-quality summer tyres.

Summer tyres are specially designed to be used in the warmer months. They have a simpler tread pattern than winter tyres that have been engineered to work best on dry and wet road surfaces when the outside temperature is 7įC or above. These models are made using a special rubber compound that works with the tread pattern and tyre ribs to deliver optimal performance when driving in the summer.

In the UK, the majority of vehicles are fitted with this type of tyre as standard. While itís not required by law, many drivers choose to swap their summer tyres for winter versions when the seasons change, and then swap them back again when spring comes around.


What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits associated with using summer tyres, including:

Increased safety

The soft rubber compound in these tyres allows them to grip the road better when the surface is warm and dry, increasing your safety while youíre behind the wheel. They can also help to expel water on the road and the grooves in the tread can help to avoid problems such as aquaplaning.

Reduced fuel consumption

Summer tyres have less elasticity, meaning the rolling resistance is significantly reduced when driving on dry roads, In turn, you can benefit from reduced fuel consumption. Not only is this better for the environment, but itíll save you money too.

Improved control

These tyres are designed to provide better grip on the road when itís dry during mild weather. As a result, they provide improved handling and steering stability in the warmer months.

Reduced noise

Due to the fact they are softer than winter versions, summer tyres are more effective at absorbing vibrations from uneven road surfaces. As a result, they tend to be much quieter, which means as the driver, you can enjoy a more comfortable journey.


When should they be fitted?

In the UK, itís recommended that summer tyres are fitted between April and September. During this time, the average temperature is typically warm and unlikely to drop below 7įC. At this temperature, the compound and rubber of summer tyres can begin to harden, meaning they are less responsive. This can have an impact on their performance, resulting in poor handling and increased fuel consumption. So, in order for the tyres to work effectively, itís essential to have them fitted at the right time of the year.


How should they be stored?

When your summer tyres are not being used, itís important that they are stored correctly. If not, their physical properties can deteriorate which can affect their performance and even make them unusable. So, if you want to keep your summer tyres in tiptop condition when theyíre not in use, itís vital that you know how to store them.

Itís important to note that tyres should never been left out in the open air - even if they are covered up or under an open shelter. Ideally, they should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place which offers adequate ventilation, such as a shed, garage or basement.

You can stack the tyres, but be careful to not pile them any higher than four feet. If you can, try to avoid stacking them directly on the floor. Instead, keep them elevated off the ground by placing them on a wooden pallet. If youíre looking for a more long-term storage solution for your tyres, stacking is not advised. You should store them vertically on a rack which is at least four inches from the ground.


Why TyrePlus?

At TyrePlus, we offer an extensive range of high-quality summer tyres at low, affordable prices. Weíre experts at what we do, meaning we are perfectly placed to find you models that are right for your car.

Despite our low price-tags, we never compromise on quality. We stock tyres from a wide variety of leading manufacturers, such as Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental. Whatís more, all of our products come with our Lifetime Mileage Guarantee, which covers your tyres against manufacturing defects for the entire duration of their legal life.

To find summer tyres for your vehicle, start by entering your car registration number, or you can search by tyre size. Weíll provide you with a list of models that are suitable for your vehicle. You can then book an appointment at your nearest fitting location. Donít have time to visit us? We can come to you. Simply select our mobile fitting service and one of our expert fitters can come to your home, work or somewhere else to fit your new tyres. Itís that easy.

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