Car Wheel Alignment & Tracking

Regular wheel alignment checks help prolong the life of your tyres and suspension parts

Tyres Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment involves checking the position of the wheels in relation to the road and one another using specialist equipment. Even the tiniest misalignment can have a negative effect on how the car drives and can cause unnecessary wear to your tyres and suspension. Wheel alignment can quickly fix these problems and optimise handling and comfort by adjusting steering and suspension components.

Hunter Wheel Alignment

Hunter Four Wheel Alignment is available at a large number of our fitting partner centres across the UK. Hunter alignment is widely regarded as the best and most accurate alignment available and utilises laser imaging technology to identify alignment problems no matter how small on all four wheels. Four high-resolution cameras provide alignment measurements from targets attached to each wheel. The position of all four wheels are compared to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for your vehicle and can be altered with pinpoint accuracy.


Spotting Alignment Problems

We recommend getting your alignment checked regularly as symptoms can be subtle but here are some tell-tale signs of wheel alignment issues:

  • Uneven tyre wear – Inspect your tyres regularly and look out for any unusual tyre wear such as increased wear on one side of the tyre tread. Carry out a touch test in addition to a visual check by running your hands over the surface of the tyre tread – excessive wear on the inside or outside edges would suggest an alignment problem.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side – If you notice the car drifts to the left or right when driving on a straight road, you need to compensate by adjusting the steering wheel to remain in a straight line or you can feel the steering wheel pull to either side when braking, it probably means your alignment is out.
  • A crooked steering wheel – With the wheels in a straight position, the steering wheel should also be in a neutral position. A crooked steering wheel usually indicates an alignment issue.

Our Wheel Alignment Package

When you purchase wheel alignment from Tyres Plus you’ll receive a full four wheel alignment inspection which measures 14 primary alignment angles including the Toe, Camber, Caster and Thrust Line. Adjustments to the front Toe are included in the price. If further adjustments are required including any rear wheel adjustments, additional charges will apply. Front Toe refers to the direction the front wheels are pointing. Toe-in or Positive Toe means the tyres are pointing inwards towards one another; Toe Out or Negative Toe means they are pointing outwards.

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